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Mako is a multi-platform technology (mobile, desktop and cloud) that allows developers unrivalled access to the building blocks of the digital page and the freedom to change any aspect of the document.

Mako is equally adept with interactive, desktop or web applications as it is for high-speed document processing for prepress solutions.

Featuring a rich, consistent and powerful C++ API, Mako enables developers to do complicated things quickly, yet scales effortlessly to meet the challenge of building complex solutions.


We believe strongly that the Mako Core SDK is both powerful while extremely easy to use. Just want to convert a document? All it takes is a few lines (fewer still if you have a wide screen monitor). Looking for more complex use cases such as overprint or color management? It's all here. This section aims to show you how easy and quick it is to get started with the Mako SDK.

Getting Started

Documentation and tips on how to get started quickly with the Mako SDK.


Our Mako SDK comes packed with lots of high quality samples. See how easy it is to get started with your first app.


Find our latest release notes and API documentation.

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