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The Mako SDK can be set to output incrementally, instead of performing a full serialization. This can be useful in scenarios where small updates with a fast output speed is required. In this case, the changes made to the DOM will be appended to the end of the existing PDF content.

Turning on Incremental Serialization

Enabling linearized output is easy, and requires a single call to your IPDFOutput class.


Turning on incremental output will generally improve the speed of output.

Incremental serialization requires the following to be true:

  • writeAssembly() is used (rather than the IOutputWriter interface).
  • The assembly has only one document.
  • The assembly was opened from a PDF, and
  • The PDF was either a file or opened from a random-access stream.
  • The PDF version specified is the same version or higher than the input PDF.
  • The output is not to be linearized.
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