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  • Create a .NET C++ console application in Visual Studio
  • Paste all the code from makoconverter.cpp into the console application, replacing what was there
  • Load the NuGet package
  • Build the solution

Create a C++ console application

Simply choose from the available templates. This is from VS2019:

Give it a name of your choice.I've called mine ConsoleApplication_NuGetTest and looks like this in the solution explorer:

Paste in some code

  1. Using your favourite text editor, copy all of the code (ie Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C) from makoconverter.cpp in the makoapps folder.
  2. Open the source file in your new project, and replace its contents (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-V).

This is the simplest way to get to the point where you can build the project.

If you have ReSharper installed, and even if you don't, you'll see loads of squiggly-line underlines because the code is referencing Mako stuff that has yet to be loaded into the project.

Load the NuGet package into the project

Before you can do this, you will have needed to have:

  • Downloaded the NuGet packages to be used
  • Made Visual Studio aware of where they are to be found

Obtain the NuGet package

These are found in the Mako SDK release folder, accessible via your dedicated Global Graphics FTP account.

(Currently these packages are not available from a NuGet-compatible online source. Use the instructions below to use them with Visual Studio.)

Look in the Windows folder, and choose from:

  • Dynamically or statically linked
  • V140 (Visual Studio 2015) or V142 (Visual Studio 2019)

Making Visual Studio aware of them

Right-click the project, then choose 'Manage NuGet Packages...'

This opens the NuGet Package Manager. Click the settings button.

Create a new source, identifying your chosen download folder. For example:

This enables you to browse for the NuGet package you wish to install. For example:


To install, select a package and click Install. This log is displayed:


Finally, build the solution (Ctrl-Shift-B)

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